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Arabica beans are produced in many countries around the world. Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica.  Even though Arabica is produced in many countries, each country and region will produce a different taste from what is essentially the same coffee plant due to their different climates, soils, altitudes, processing methods among other things. 


Arabica coffee beans are beans from the Coffea arabica plant which is commonly know as “mountain coffee” or “arabica coffee”. Arabica coffee makes up about 60% of the global coffee bean production. 


The taste of Arabica beans varies depending on the region, they are generally sweet with notes of chocolate and sugar. They can also have fruit or berry flavours and may have hints of cereal or nuts.

Arabica tends to have more acidity and less bitterness than Robusta beans which are stronger, harsher and can have grainy or rubbery overtones.

Most people find the taste of Arabica to be superior to that of Robusta.

When unroasted, Arabica beans smell like blueberries. The aroma of the roasted beans has been described as perfume like with hints of fruit and sugar. These aromas continue after you brew coffee.

Yes, Arabica beans are more acidic and less bitter than Robusta beans.  The acid come through as fruity flavours. Low acidity varieties can have a less fruity taste.

Arabica coffee beans are typically considered as better tasting than Robusta beans as they have a more refined sweeter and less bitter taste. However, some coffee blends than include both Arabica and Robusta can have superior taste and are very popular. 

Arabica beans contain caffeine but generally less caffeine that Robusta beans.

Raw Arabica beans contain about 1.2% caffeine. Raw Robusta beans have almost twice as much caffeine, at 2.2%. 

Despite the higher level of caffeine, most people prefer to drink Arabica as it is less bitter and has a superior flavour.

Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta coffee as it is more difficult to grow.

Arabica is grown in cooler sub-tropical climates and at a higher altitude (600-2000m). Robusta on the other hand is often grown at sea level and in warmer climates.

Robusta is as its name suggests ‘robust’ and tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions. Robusta is easier to tend to on the farm, has a higher bean yield and is more resistant to pest insects. 

No, there is a lot of differences between Arabica beans that are grown in different countries and regions. This is due to the different climates, soils and other characteristics associated with their farming and processing.

The roasting process also plays a significant role in the flavour profile of the beans. Blending different varieties and roasting is both an art and science. Professional roasters carefully control and adjust all aspects of the roasting process to develop different tastes in their beans and maintain consistency between batches of roasts. Taste differs depending on if it is a light roast, medium roast or dark roast coffee.

Darker roasts will have a much richer, bolder flavour than lighter roasted coffee. Light roasted coffee will retain more flavours than darker roasts. This means that the distinct tastes of the beans from the different regions can often be more pronounced in lighter roasted beans. This is important to consider when buying coffee beans.

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